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 How the UFO Monument Arrived:

From the mid to late 1960’s sightings were common in the vicinity of Sheffield. The majority of the conversations were held over coffee in the Village on the Green Diner, then owned and operated by Nancy Reed. On Sept 1st, 1969 the owners of the diner were driving home about 9 pm, with children Thom and Matthew, when they witnessed a large luminous vessel ascending from below the banks of the Sheffield Bridge, then quietly moving along a cornfield. Gt Barrington’s own WSBS Radio aired the sightings that night following an influx of phone calls. Reports were also phoned into the police department. On a hot October 2nd, Reed's lawyer would speak at the United Nations in support of 33/426, the same date Dr, Howard Reed lost his life. State Historians voted Reed's incident into State Antiquity with two Official Citations by the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, following Thom Reed passing his four-hour polygraph exam. The monument near the Old Covered Bridge marks the areas extraordinary history. It is placed at the exact location of the renowned UFO Incident.  This park is a voice, a voice for all who have been a witness, a park that represents Courage,  History, and  Progress. The incident is also proudly featured at the International UFO Museum in Roswell NM. Come stand at the location of our countries first UFO incident to be officially inducted into State, as "historically significant and true".  Covered Bridge Ln Sheffield MA

Thom reed ufo monument park

We would like to thank all those who have supported the UFO Park. It's because of you, we even have this Park. Once again we thank the many locals, esteemed sponsors, and the many who have donated. 

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